Strange Traditions – The Sussex Bonfire Societies

‘We Burn For Good’: the motto of the Sussex Bonfire Societies.
Born out of a fervent Protestant and anti-Catholic tradition in the area, these Bonfire Societies are a window into our country’s past. Behind the carnivals they present today, you can glimpse riots, religious hatred, and a lot of people being burnt at the stake…

10 Seaside Novels to Transport You to the Coast

10 stunning novels to help you escape to the sea.

Discover your next read, set in coastal landscapes from Cornwall to South Korea. Some have sunshine seeping from the pages, whilst others portray a darker side of the sea.

Literary Essex – 3 Essex Coast Walks To Send Your Imagination Wild

The Essex I know isn’t the world of TOWIE. Essex is wild, exposed coastline. It’s flat, endless salt marshes. It’s beaches dotted with pill boxes that have crashed dramatically from the cliffs. It’s witch-hunts, smugglers and Saxon Kings.

Start your own discovery of Essex with these three locations…

Hag Stones – Magic from the Coastline

Known across the British isles and Northern Europe as hag stones, witch stones, adder stones. It’s easy to see why our ancestors were perplexed by how hag stones could have formed naturally, and instead linked them to the involvement of the supernatural.

Find out what the rationale for their magic is, what they were used for and where to find them…

Sea Serpents in Britain – Ancient Origins

When the Vikings turned up in North Wales they were staggered to see a huge, slumbering sea serpent curled around the coastline. They didn’t call them serpents but ‘werms’. It’s no coincidence the name of this landmark sounds so similar, the name ‘Orme’ deriving from their very speech…