Sea Serpents in Britain – Ancient Origins

When the Vikings turned up in North Wales they were staggered to see a huge, slumbering sea serpent curled around the coastline. They didn’t call them serpents but ‘werms’. It’s no coincidence the name of this landmark sounds so similar, the name ‘Orme’ deriving from their very speech…

Blurbs – Why Writing Them is a Valuble Exercise

Why write a blurb? I haven’t even finished writing yet! We all know what blurbs are for. They’re like little salesmen you send off into the world, the clinchers and deal-makers, convincing your would-be reader to take your book-baby home with them. But writing a blurb for your novel can still be a valuable writingContinue reading “Blurbs – Why Writing Them is a Valuble Exercise”