Prologue: the sea, a ceremony, a monster

It begins at the end. A young girl performs a strange ritual on the beach at night. Something evil stirs in the sea. Everything has aligned to bring her to this moment, her calling, her destiny.

The prologue to my upcoming novel is also its ending. The rest of the story tracks the forces which brought Morvern to this moment.

Blurbs – Why Writing Them is a Valuble Exercise

Why write a blurb? I haven’t even finished writing yet! We all know what blurbs are for. They’re like little salesmen you send off into the world, the clinchers and deal-makers, convincing your would-be reader to take your book-baby home with them. But writing a blurb for your novel can still be a valuable writingContinue reading “Blurbs – Why Writing Them is a Valuble Exercise”

Tolkien’s Map-Method – Plotting Your Own Fantasy Novel

“I wisely started with a map and made the story fit” J R.R. Tolkien Since October 2019, I’ve been writing a fantasy novel intially inspired by the wild landscape of the Scottish coast, particularly its islands. However, I’d wanted to write a fantasy novel for as long as I could remember, and had seriously beenContinue reading “Tolkien’s Map-Method – Plotting Your Own Fantasy Novel”